My Happy Clients!

"We are immensly grateful to Charlotte who have helped us put our little one to sleep. We were co sleeping until 15 months and separation anxiety was too much. Thanks to Charlottes help, support and techniques, we have managed to put our kid to sleep in her own bed in less then a week, as well as we have a proper nap schedule and a happier family. Thank you Charlotte!"
Marguerite and Emilia
15 months
"I am so glad we approached Charlotte for help when I was sitting up for hours every night trying to get our 5 month old to sleep. Within a few days of implementing her advice, our little one was getting much more rest - and so was I! We found Charlotte to be extremely knowledgeable about infant sleep, giving us the advice and confidence needed to decide for ourselves which approach we wanted to take to address the problems we had. Charlotte supported and advised us at every stage and was extremely generous with her time. I now feel much more empowered and confident about my little one's sleep. I can't recommend Charlotte enough - I think I might still be sat up in bed now (several months later) if we hadn't reached out to her!"
George and Freddie
6 months
"I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your help last month, Leo is like a changed baby! He is now sleeping through the night from 19h to 06h, barely stirring. If he does wake he settles himself with no help. His daytime naps work well but without me feeling terrified of having to be so regimented I cannot do anything - both him and I are confident enough that a little flexibility will not ruin the day. And to top it off he guzzles down a bottle with no hesitation as of last weekend (paced bottle feeding was definitely the turning point). We are all feeling happier and calmer thanks to your steers and help!"
Lizzie Wilson and Leo
7 months
“I have had the most incredible success with Charlotte at BubHub. Charlotte, quite literally gave us our lives back. With our third baby, i was up 6,7 or even 8 times a night feeding and soothing. Within a few short days and with Charlotte’s gentle guidance, our boy was almost sleeping through the night. Charlotte listened to exactly what i ‘wished for’ and put together the most gentle, easy to follow program which has been a great success. Our baby now sleeps through the night and is easy (most days!) to go down at nap time. This was not the first time i have gone to Bubhub for kiddie sleep advice. Charlotte also helped me get my unruly toddler to go to sleep and stay in bed at bedtime. Charlotte is an absolute professional and has an incredible understanding of all things sleep! She gave me back my own sleep, but was always there for me and her reassurance kept me going every step of the way. “
Sarah G and mini’s
2.5 and 6 months
“Charlotte helped me when my 10 month old went from going down for naps well and pretty much sleeping though to having a party at nap time and waking up for the day at 4.30am. She took my information, analysed it and then got back to me quickly with a plan which we later played with a little to help my little one in a kind and sensitive way get a better nights sleep. Throughout, Charlotte was reassuring, a great listener and her advice was evidence based- she clearly knows her stuff! I highly recommend her services for help with sleep and she has empowered me to change sleeping routines myself when there is an issue, but is also always at the end of a phone for more advice!! She’s great!”
Amy J and mini
10 months
“Charlotte helped us to understand some of the science behind normal sleep and shape the way our 6 month old went about his day. This was like a golden ticket for us, because we all of a sudden knew how to understand his behaviour better, which is something we didn’t do before. We were trying and failing at all the online nap schedules that just weren’t working for our baby! Having Charlotte there to explain why things were ‘wonky’ one day to the next and supporting us with daily updates and just always making herself available, really helped us to work out a plan suited to us and our baby. This massively helped his sleep! He went from resisting all naps and only ever sleeping for 20 mins on my lap, to taking longer sleeps without the battles in his cot! We went from around 7 wake ups a night at our worst to just 2 feeds at night and a sleep g baby within a couple of weeks, and saw positive changes almost immediately after starting the plan. We are also able to share the nights between us and get the sleep we need. Charlotte has given us an ongoing plan which we can change as we feel we need to but for now we are so happy with how things are working! We can’t thank you enough Charlotte for giving us back our evenings together and for that we are so grateful!"
Isa and Charlie
6.5 months
“I first contacted Charlotte because I saw on her website she gives support to mums with newborns and I wanted to learn more so I was prepared for all the changes I knew nothing about! Charlotte explained things to me in such a simple way and was completely calm, reassuring and so knowledgeable about all the questions I had about my baby, not just his sleep, but his development and what to expect. She was so compassionate and understanding of my situation and actually cared as much about me as my baby and didn’t judge me for forgetting what I wanted to ask(!) or how anxious I felt being a new mum. I came away from our session feeling armed with some great tips and ideas but mostly feeling a lot lighter about everything. I also know if I need to, I can get back in touch with Charlotte for any support I need in the future. I highly recommend giving yourself some time out as a new mum and chatting to Charlotte about your new baby! Thank you!
Nathalie and Aubrey
6 weeks
“Thank you for all your advice, ideas, stories, knowledge, support and just being there to listen and for being in my corner.”
Maria and Emilie
8 Months
“Charlotte is an incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic and supportive sleep consultant. She has helped us get our daughter’s sleep back on track after she went from fully self settling for sleep and mostly sleeping through the night from a very young age to suddenly fighting naps and waking up multiple times a night. Suddenly we ended up with multiple sleep crutches that meant nobody was getting good quality sleep. Charlotte has given us the knowledge and courage to make changes in a gentle way. She has been there for us over many weeks, always offering advice and tweaking our plan as we dealt with health-related setbacks after initial improvements. I truly cannot recommend her highly enough. Charlotte is an incredibly gifted listener who can take your information and wishes to tailor a sleep plan that suits your specific challenges and parenting style. It feels like she genuinely gets to know you and your baby and as a result you know that you get a truly bespoke sleep plan and support and not just generic advice. She is extremely knowledgeable about baby sleep and development in general as well as incredibly supportive, gentle, kind and empathetic. Thank you for always being there for us Charlotte!”
Sonja Hawkins and Ophelia
15 Months