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Meet Charlotte

Hi, I’m Charlotte – mum of three, a trained Nurse and qualified Baby Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist, with experience working with families in Switzerland and beyond.

  • UK Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) (Southampton, UK)
  • PG Clinical Nutrition (London UK)
  • OCN level 6 Holistic Sleep Coaching International accreditation (London, UK)
  • This is the highest accolade in sleep coaching from the Holistic sleep coaching program
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“On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, ‘Life will never be the same.’”

— On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman

The BubHub Philosophy

The BUBHUB philosophy is founded on 4 principles: sleep, nourishment, emotional wellbeing and empowerment. My approach encompasses all aspects of daily life, fitting everything together, to create the full picture. I use evidence-based techniques, and limit the need for tears. Having understanding and respect for our children allows us to support the future of healthy happy people. By building a picture of your family’s activities and daily life, I work with you to create an individual bespoke care plan, encompassing everything that is unique about your baby or child, your approach and your sleep and parenting goals. Then I support and empower you – every step of the way. 

These are the kinds of questions I work on with my lovely families:

‘The Three Monkeys’

What about my family? We call our tribe ‘The Three Monkeys’ – there’s a big brother, a little brother and a wild-child girl in the middle. I spend my time like most mums: following the rhythms of the day; forgetting when I last had any personal space and wondering how sand still gets everywhere, even in winter and even though we live nowhere near the sea? I also spend a great deal of time feeling blessed to live in a world full of happiness, noise, and magic. 

We moved to Geneva from London, where I’d spent  years working as a nurse for the NHS before embarking on post graduate training at Kings College London to gain an Intensive Care specialism alongside working in the ICU at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Working as a nurse was a privilege and a life changing experience, I feel a better person for having been allowed to be a part of a strangers life, where I was trusted to help them at their most vulnerable.

When I became a mum, my world changed again, immensely. I finally understood what the instinct of vulnerability and love feels like, how real sleep deprivation can engulf you and how it’s possible to feel so isolated – even when you might be surrounded by friends. Most importantly, I understood that while being a parent can be immense, it’s also extremely intense – and you can’t do it alone.  

This is how BUBHUB was born. I began by studying and achieving a post-graduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition, with the ambition of creating a platform for nutritional advice to support mums living in Geneva. But I soon realised, nutrition is just one piece of the jigsaw. Sleep came next for my studies, and I’m now Internationally accredited as a Sleep Consultant, adopting the holistic and wellbeing approach which is central to how I work with families. 

This is about your baby, this is about your family…. but most importantly, this is about you.

I really look forward to meeting you, 

Best wishes,

Charlotte x

About Bubhub Charlotte Patchell Sleep Coaching Three Monkeys
About Bubhub Charlotte Patchell Sleep Coaching Three Monkeys
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