“As the night gets dark, let your worries fade, Sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can today.”
– Roald Dahl

Hi Mama, welcome to Bub Hub.

Let me help you and your baby enjoy more sleep, calm and bonding through Baby and Child Sleep and Wellbeing Consulting.

I am here to work with and support you and your family, make sense of it all and ultimately, gain a better night sleep.

5 Tips on Baby Sleep Coaching

5 Things you should know about sleep coaching

Let Me help you

The support packages focus on assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating an individualised care package for your family over a predetermined period of time. I respect and learn about your parenting styles during this process.

Bubhub Packages 01


These sessions are aimed at providing you with education and support during the transitional phase into parenthood.

Bubhub Packages 02


Understanding Milestones, development and environmental associations and their impact on sleep, help us to accept what is normal and what we can support.

Bubhub Packages 03


Here we see the development of our baby gaining and seeking independence and a clear idea of personality shining through.

Bubhub Packages 04


Ideal to top up existing plans, a quick troubleshoot or reorganisation.

Group Bookings

If you prefer to share the experience and learn in the comfort of friends, I offer a group workshop where we discuss the science of sleep with a Q&A troubleshooting session based on your personal case studies.

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