A Holistic Approach to Sleep

A Holistic Approach to Sleep

With a background in Healthcare and Nursing, I studied and practiced holistically, which is a skill that takes time and thorough understanding. Used effectively, particularly during  history examination and consultations, an holistic approach considers all the aspects of a persons daily routine, some examples are; sleep, nutrition, communication and physical activity, known as the Activities of Daily Living, (Roper, Logan and Tierney 1974). 

Gaining an understanding of the whole process, rather than only focussing on the problem, or the pathology, is more respectful, affording greater understanding of their body, mental well-being and potentially self care.

Applying the same principles to Infant Sleep Coaching makes sense.

Sleep is influenced by your little person’s unique biology, their environment, their daily activities and rhythm. So there can never be one single method for sleep coaching that will work for every family. 

This is so important, because by looking closely at your baby’s individual situation, we can examine together all the nuances and challenges, to create a plan that is completely bespoke.

Having a thorough understanding of why your baby struggles with sleep, will empower you to make changes you feel confident with, knowing the choices you make are supported by your sleep coach and the current best evidence.

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