5 things to know about Sleep coaching.

5 Things To Know About Sleep Coaching With BubHub

1. Sleep is only a problem if it’s a problem for you.

No matter whether you are in a crisis situation or just need to understand the process to move forward, education and knowledge help us feel in control.

2. Sleep is just another type of behaviour.

Understanding the biological processes which impact sleep in the 24 hour cycle, improves the process.

3. Cry it out isn’t the only option to help your baby sleep.

The methods used at BubHub are evidence based and will always limit the need for tears, respecting your parenting style. 

There are many strategies available which can be modified and individualised to your situation. 

Although in some cases, this may not be a quick fix, evidence shows the benefits are longer lasting with a reduced stress response for parents and baby.

4. Environment, external stress, previous life experience or trauma and anxiety influence sleep for both you and your baby.

If you feel it, they can feel it.

5. You can’t spoil a baby through connection and love.

The time you have with them so little, no matter how overwhelming, is so short lived. 

Feel encouraged to hug your baby close, indulge and be reassured this is a natural beneficial process for everyone.

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